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Glass Fusing is a special process of cutting and assembling several pieces of flat glass, then melting them at 800-850° in electric ovens. Cooling time varies depending on the type of glass.
The most commonly used tools are diamond cutters, sieves and paintbrushes as well as the wheel for finishing before baking in the oven. Glass powder, shot, grisaille, luster and metallic oxides are used for staining.
The pieces – after being cut, assembled and colored – are cooked in the oven on top of a powder base to avoid direct contact with the oven. Then, by cooking at a lower temperature (650-700°), you can use molds (clay or metal). Depending on the mold you can create dishes, sculptures, lamps, etc..
The glass can be worked in relief, between two plates, or in bas-relief, depending on the desired effect.
This creates special effects of colors and translucent glass, matte or glazed, of great beauty, which offer a touch of magic and atmosphere and generate emotionally engaging sensations or feelings in the viewer.